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In 2016, he started painting when he opened a small bar with a performance hall in Mullae-dong, Seoul.
The painting that I drew on a quiet day in the bar, then became more serious with the opportunity to draw the poster.

for the 2nd Mullae-dong Jazz Festival in 2017, and it continues to this day.
Qeruirock was originally created as the name of a band but is now being used as the artist nick name.

The bar in Mullae-dong had a strong experimental element, so the operation had to be closed for a short period of time.

After that, since I had a separate job, I could not do many other activities aside from posting pictures on Instagram.

I had a small exhibition at a cafe once and passed the first round of the artist contest in September 2020.
The confidence I gained from passing the contest helped me a lot in continuing to draw.
As I drew only with digital devices, I became interested in releasing my work as an NFT.
The paintings are influenced by 90s rock music and animation, and the main theme is the expression of the ego's extensibility.