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2020 Holding 20 domestic and international solo exhibitions including the "Transformation System" exhibition, Hong Kong Hotel Art Fair, Busan International Gallery Art Fair, Seoul Open Art Fair, Busan Biennale Special Exhibition, LG Fashion Art Collaboration, Whanki museum 'Verification and Search of Korean Contemporary Art by Young Artists', 2X13 Gallery 'Surface Tension' in New York, etc. Participated in 90 domestic and international group exhibitions and art fairs, 2010 New Art Competition Grand Prize, 2004 Manhattan Arts International Competition Excellence Award, 1997 Contemporary Printmakers Association Competition Excellence Award, etc. 12 awards

2018 Hongik University Graduate School of Painting, Ph.D.
2004 Pratt Institute Graduate School of Painting, MFA
1999 Hongik University Graduate School of Printmaking, MFA
1995 Graduated from Hongik University, Department of Printmaking, BFA
1990 Graduated from Busan Arts High School


The essence of the image lies not only in the sources that create the ultimate 'form' or inferred by thought or imagination, but in the way these various elements are combined. Therefore, in my paintings, a montage image conception method is applied.

The journey of painting begins by synthesizing and defining the indissolvable distance between them while having opposite differences that are not homogenized with each other. The process of reconstructing and visualizing unrelated objects in different backgrounds (situations) is derived from the 'intrinsic' and 'extrinsic' factors. This is a process of biological aging or mutation that includes the autogenous activity cycle of animals and plants, and may indicate deviation from normal tissue form or abnormal growth different from normal. On the other hand, a multidimensional multidimensional space-time of pure events (past) and time of singularity (future)- is formed by a blow from the outside that encompasses society, science, and history. This is a form of virtual space, and it does not stop at recombining the simple cut parts, but also shows another independent figure or a complex relationship that evokes the everyday reality.

It is the fundamental dimension in which the meaning of indeterminacy and time and space occur, not meaninglessness or non-production, but a dimension that produces intrinsically creative meaning and time and space. Fragmented fragments reserved in an incomplete state can be supplemented through correlation with other fragments, and poetic interpretation intervenes again due to the unexpected combination of surprises. As a result, it is intended to capture the virtual dimension from the perceptual dimension of various aspects in the pictorial space and time. It represents a unified whole organized by fragments, and pictorially realizes the reality of 'virtual'.