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Monk Guam

Monk Guam

Dashing off with one stroke of a brush Buddha painting hyangbong Guam Monk 

Artist Guam Monk, "Korea's Picasso" (born 47 years)

The art world has also found a great reputation for Buddha painting. For more than 20 years, he was deeply impressed by the prehistoric statue of the Dalma, asking the Dalma why, and he created the Dalmado with deep enlightenment.

Mr. Guam Monk's work is housed in the Korean parliament Museum, the Bolivian Prime Minister's House, and Gilimseong Museum of China, and has been exhibited at the Sejong Cultural Center, Lotte World Museum of Art, Canada toronto University Museum of Art, Osaka Gwaneumsa Temple Exhibition Hall in Japan, Taiwan daebuksi Museum of Art

Guam Monk's World

Jeongtosa changgwon, Seonamsa chief priest at a Buddhist temple, Canada Hwangmaeonwon changgwon, Lead a peaceful life 20 Years of The Jebangseonwon, win a prize in Korean National Art Exhibition, win a Grand Prize in Hanyang Art Exhibition, win a Ambassador award in International Art, Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition (Silver Prize), World Art Exhibition American Artist Award, retire to hermitage in the Guam Sunbang.