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CHO, EunYoung

CHO, EunYoung

I am the labyrinth and the Minotaur in it.
The grape stalks and tomato stems left here are the victims. If you look closely,
it is more elegant than a plum branch and more beautiful than an old tree.
These are the hidden heroes who could have been Theseus.

Long tracing paper expects unusual looks, such as elegance, luxury, or power.
The essence is the same everyday thing, so we made the same proposition.

The exhibition was intended to collide two opposites.

'The daily life and the extraordinary are revealed in the contrast between small and large,
and the collision of horizontal and vertical composition',

the two aspects

on the most common paper

Drawn with the most common writing instruments

It is placed on top of the most everyday frame.

A lot of things that are consumed in daily life in this - here it is mainly literacy, but in history it would be the masses.
It seems to be a tribute to their extraordinary qualities.


 1991. 2. Seoul National University, Department of Oriental Painting, BFA

 1995. 8. Seoul National University, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Oriental Painting, MFA

Solo Show

 2020. 5.12-7.30 The Daily Sacrifice for My Life. Or My HeroesⅡ, Hoam Professor Hall
 2020. 4. 25-5.17 The Daily Sacrifice for My Life. Or My HeroesⅠ, Youngeun Museum of Art, Building 4
 2019. 11 Inside and outside – Labyrinth (A BUNKER invitation exhibition)
 2018. 4 Doors of Time, The 3rdPlace Namsan_Jeongdabang Project, Invitation Exhibition
 2017. 9 Echoes – To and from the bamboo forest, Bulil Art Museum invitation Exhibition
 2016. 11 Labyrinth - Self-Esteem Identity or Exclusive Boundary, Dos special Exhibition
 2013. 7  Meet Korean Painting Healing, Lee Seoul
 2010. 2.  Meeting the shadows of memory in bookstack書架, SPACE MOVIN special Exhibition
 2008.9-10. Metaphor of my heart, Shinhan private bank_Art N Company
 2008. 5. Gaps in reality, traces of memory, GS Gallery_‘THE STREET’
 1994. 3 The 1st Solo Exhibition, Gwanhoon Gallery 1st F.

Group exhibition
 2010-2017 Korean Painting Society
 2000-2019 Lee Wonjeon
 2011-2018 Korean Painting Women Artists Association, etc.
 2000-2016,18,19.  Divided and separated, add and add in,

 2016,18. 11th, 12th Korea-Japan Contemporary Painting Exchange Exhibition (North Noi Gallery, KOBE)
 2016,18,19  A.A.A – Pale Red Seoul
 2014.12.3-1.25 ,  吟風弄月 Fall in love with The Four Gracious Plants. ( Woljeon Museum Of Art, Icheon)